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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

I can't log in

Lessons in Love website accounts are intended for subscribers. Accounts that are not set up with subscriber access (through either SubscribeStar or annual pass) one week after their creation are automatically deleted. If this happens, you may simply create an account again. Accounts that are granted subscriber access will be exempt from all future automatic deletions, even after that access expires.

If you don't think this applies to you and may simply be having a password issue, try resetting your password

Can I get access to the requests page?

All patrons are allowed access to the Requests gallery, whether they pay through SubscribeStar or have an Annual Pass. Non-subscribers are welcomed to sign up via SubscribeStar or purchase an Annual Pass to gain access.

The Request gallery contains well over 3,500 images created by Selebus that you won't see in the game! You can even search images by character, requester, or tag, and 'like' your favorites to find them more easily!

I pay through SubscribeStar. How do I get access to the request gallery?

SubscribeStar subscribers can get access to the requests gallery by signing in, then going to the Connect SubscribeStar page in the Account menu, signing in to their SubscribeStar account, and granting the website permission to access your subscription information. Once this is done, if you are a current subscriber, you should be able to access the member-only pages when you are logged in.

I have an Annual Pass. How do I get access to the request gallery?

Currently, Annual Pass holders must have their accounts manually marked as paid users. To have this done, send a message to Selebus on Discord (or email him) asking to have your Annual Pass status entered on your website account. If your website account name doesn't match your Discord name, or you're requesting access via email, make sure to mention your website account name so that the correct account can be found. Note that accounts that are not set up with patron access are deleted one week after creation, so please request this right after creating the account.

I tried to connect SubscribeStar, but I get an error

If the error is "Failed_GraphQl_Response_Null_Or_Malformed", it is usually a problem on the SubscribeStar side. It often means that SubscribeStar is telling the website that you aren't subscribed. Please make sure you're logging into the correct SubscribeStar account, that you are actually subscribed, and that there wasn't some sort of billing issue.

If everything looks good on the SS side, or if it's a different error, you can go to Account > Edit Profile, click "Clear SubscribeStar Info" at the bottom, and then try connecting SubscribeStar again. Sometimes this helps if the info gets outdated and SubscribeStar isn't sending the latest info for some reason. (The SubscribeStar API is kind of bad, sorry.)

If you still have issues, mention it in the Discord server's #website-channel right after you get the error, so we have a timestamp to look at in the logs.

I connected SubscribeStar in the past, but it stopped working

Go to the Edit Profile page and click "Clear SubscribeStar Info" at the bottom to remove the SubscribeStar information from your account. Next, try going through the "Connect SubscribeStar" process again. If this doesn't resolve your issue, please verify that you are actually subscribed; sometimes a billing issue can interrupt a subscription. The subscription status information that the Lessons in Love website received from SubscribeStar is shown on the Edit Profile page. If you still have issues, mention it in the Discord server's #website-channel ASAP, so we have a timestamp of when the issue occurred, to check in the logs.

I am a subscriber, but I can't download a care package or can't access some subscriber content

Please see "I connected SubscribeStar in the past, but it stopped working" above.

Do I need to link my Discord account to my Lessons in Love website account?

No. This is used to more reliably attribute images you have requested to your Discord username, but it is completely optional, and is not related to gaining access to any website content.

Something still isn't working right

Don't worry, we'll get it sorted out for you. First, double check that you are logged in if you're trying to access subscriber content, such as the Requests or Care Packages. For help with the website, reach out in the #website-channel channel in the Lessons in Love Discord server. Before asking, please also take a look at the pinned messages for any known issues.

If you get any error messages related to SubscribeStar, it's worth checking out the Edit Profile page, which displays the information that the website has about your subscription. This info may help identify the cause of any issues. You can also clear out your SubscribeStar info from there and try re-connecting your account, which can help sometimes.

How do I get my own requests?

Supporters at the Space War Cadet or Space War Commander tiers are able to request custom Lessons in Love images each month. Please see the Pricing page for more information.

(Any question about the game itself)

You can try asking on the Lessons in Love Discord server, please just be sure to read and respect the rules.

The website has some easter eggs

This isn't a question, but I wanted you to know.